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In these uncertain times when the value of paper money is expected to decline, the best haven for your finances is gold. Karatbars is a safe and reliable German company with many years of experience where you can save your money by turning it into gold. Join the company right now to take a high position, and when it is easy to transfer money to gold. Karatbars is a Stuttgart-based company. The founder is Herald Seinz. The company was founded primarily for the sale and purchase of 24 carat gold. The foundry of this company is located in Turkey and is one of the 10 leading gold foundries in the world. Karatbars owns vaults in Germany, Switzerland. These vaults store the gold we buy if we so desire. In the vaults, we get our own boxes where our gold stands and we have access to those boxes as we wish. The vaults are monitored by video cameras 24 hours a day. Everybody can make good money at Karatbars if they make a little effort to build their network of people. Help people save their money from a bad economy by turning it into gold and make a big profit on it. Karatbars has an Incentives gift program for their associates. When people in your team buy gold You get one incentive point for every gram of gold you buy in your team. Karatbars is a very easy way to make money. As you know in many companies we have problems with payments, payment methods, but Karatbars has its own unique Master Card that every associate receives from the company. The card arrives directly from London. There are also K-exchange deals where you can buy cards with the gold we buy. The Karatbars Master Card is in your name, and you will receive it automatically by mail at your first payment of 35 EUR. So as soon as you start doing this job and earn the first 35 EUR the company will send you a card. When your card arrives at your home address, every Friday the company will automatically pay all your earnings you see in backoffice to the card. By registering you can also win a BONUS card worth 100 Euros. You can use it for the following products: K-exchange, Branding Cards, Licenses or VIP business package.