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Attention !!

In the online business you will see a lot of cheaters, tiny souls who would cheat on their own mother too. Beware of such! I warn you about the most common type of fraud. These are emails and forged emails that are very similar to emails from banks and services that you do business with. They ask you to provide them with your username, password and transaction pin with the mandatory warning that if you do not "verify" your account, it will allegedly be suspended. Don't get caught up in that scam !! Don't give anyone, just give your login details to anyone, and especially not the transaction pin through which money is accessed! These are the crooks who want to rob you. You go with sound logic. Your information is hosted on the Internet service server that you operate with. Service administrators can see all your data at any time because they are on file with them! They are within reach. If they need your information, they will tap the keyboard and look at it. They will not contact you by email to send them. Those who ask you for this secret and confidential information want to rob you !! They are thieves !! Keep that in mind !!

I would also like to draw your attention to the frequent attempts to steal login information. Most often, you get an email (but there are other ways) informing you of messages left for you or of various activities. The following is a link that, when clicked, takes you to a fake page exactly identical to the page of a particular service. When you enter your login information thinking you are logging into your service, you actually sent that information to the thieves !! The protection against this theft is to look in the address bar of the browser (the lines at the top where you enter web addresses) and if the address in that bar is not hair-identical to the address of your service, you should not enter your login information. If you enter them you will give them to the thieves !!

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