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7 tips for quality LinkedIn promotion and acquisition of new clients

Do you use LinkedIn to promote your products and services? Are you familiar with the quality of the promotion made by this business social network? You are wondering how to achieve quality LinkedIn promotion and can this network bring you great business results?

LinkedIn is actually one of the oldest social networks that exists on the Internet. It is a social network dedicated to business people and it is precisely this kind of society that gathers together on this network. On LinkedIn you can find a large number of entrepreneurs and people who are striving for great business results. With excellent networking capabilities with these people, you also get an excellent opportunity to promote your products and services.

Considering the fact that LinkedIn is intended for business people, the rules of this social network differ considerably from Facebook and Instagram. Communication is much more serious and focused on business, and it's up to you to adjust it. Today we bring you 7 tips for LinkedIn promotion that will greatly improve your chances of success on this business social network.

Accept requests and send personal messages

As with other social networks and LinkedIn, people are connected by sending requests to individuals. However, for LinkedIn, you have one great option when sending a request - you can send a personalized message. The same is true when a person sends you a request, you can respond to a message or send your own message when you accept the request in which you will present yourself and your services / products.

Send messages to Premium users

LinkedIn users share in different categories, depending on how close a person is to you (your interests). In addition, a person can become a premium user, which is actually a sign that it is a quality person who invests in his promotion. The premium user section has open profiles so you can send them a message at any time and ask them to help you with your current problem. Premium users will recognize the small premium icons that are located near their name on the profile.

Use an advanced search engine

According to Google's example, LinkedIn has a fantastic search engine that provides you with various advanced ways to search LinkedIn. For example, you can search for exact phrases by adding double quotes to the beginning and end of a phrase (for example, "Facebook advertising"). You can also use the AND, OR, and NOT connectors to browse multiple phrases together, or one or another phrase, but also to exclude part of the search capability.

Save your searches

Once you have found the terms and phrases that bring you the results you have requested, you can save your searches by clicking Save Search. This very interesting option saves your search and on this basis prepares you the content that will arrive in your inbox. This is extremely useful if you want to keep track of what's happening on LinkedIn continuously, and with respect to the terms you've searched for and who are interested in.

Spread a network of acquaintances with relevant people

When you search for people on LinkedIn with whom you want to connect to the right, you will see an interesting option People Also Viewed. This section lists the profiles of people similar to the one you are currently browsing (browsing), that is, the profiles of the people that others were looking for with the one you are reviewing. In this way, you can easily find out who else are people of a similar profile that would be smart to link to the LinkedIn network.

Highlight important skills

LinkedIn allows you to put the skills you proudly put into the foreground and which you really want to present to future associates or clients. Very interesting is the endorsement option that allows your 'friends' to give you points for the skills you perform superbly. Unfortunately, LinkedIn puts only three skills with the highest score in the forefront, but you can also change that by rewinding these skills by clicking on the pencil on the profile and wiping out the ones you do not want in the foreground.

Take advantage of location linking

It's always good to have quality people in your area, and that's what LinkedIn's function - Find Nearby. It's a function that allows you to connect in a simple and fast way to people who are close to you right now. All you need to do is go through the apps on your smartphone to the Find Near page and there you will find all the people around you and also located within that page. Therefore, digital connection at conferences and events has never been easier or quicker.


LinkedIn Social Network is a great opportunity to connect with business people and future potential clients or employers. The above listed tips will help you gain a reputation on that social network, encourage better interaction with other people - and thus create an opportunity for new potential co-operation.

8 mistakes when promoting services on social networks

You want to promote your services through social networks, but are not sure which is the best way to promote? Looking for tips on how to avoid common mistakes that freelancers do when promoting on social networks? Are you hoping for a successful promotional campaign that will bring you lots of new customers and successful business co-operation?

The promotion of freelance services via social networks is a wise decision by every freelancer. Advertising on social networks is still not too costly, but on the other hand it allows you to target exactly that group of people - which you consider your ideal customers (customers).

Many freelancers do a couple of big mistakes when promoting on social networks - which is quite easy to prevent. If you want to avoid the most common mistakes when promoting on social networks, we encourage you to read the rest of this text. We've prepared 8 super tips for you to avoid the most common promotional mistakes on social networks.

# 1 Wrong content type

Every social network is different from others and you need to have it in mind when creating new content. For example, the content you share via Instagram story is not suitable for sharing via LinkedIn because it's about two completely different social networks. For Instagram, prepare personalized content that will show details from your everyday life, while focusing on LinkedIn on business content for your business associates. Do not put the same content on all social networks - not at all.

# 2 Poor quality of content

It's almost unbelievable to see what content can be encountered on social networks of business profiles. If you want to show your value and knowledge on social networks, it's important to create quality, educational and interesting content that will interest your target group. Before clicking the 'Post' button, be sure to check the spelling and dimensions of the visual content - because each social network has some of its default dimensions.

# 3 Lack of publication planning

Your social network profile must tell a story - that will interest potential customers. This means that everything you do on social networks has to be done in a planned and meaningful manner, in order to bring you optimal results. Experts recommend planning days or weeks to advance in advance, as this will give you a routine and users will get used to your content distribution schedule. So, make a schedule for posts, otherwise you will disrupt the continuity of the posting.

# 4 Too much 'shuffling' on users

Sometimes it was desirable to publish as much content as your social networks were pushing you to the forefront. Today, the situation is significantly different because users are 'overloaded' with a variety of content. Too many posts can be a two-handed sword because you will be bored with your followers and they will simply stop watching you. Do not 'bombard' users with your own content, but publish it several times a week and content that will pay attention to quality (not quantity).

# 5 Ignore users

Social networks are not called 'social' in vain because the goal of these networks is to socialize people. Do not allow social networking to go exclusively in one direction - from you to users. So, encourage users to respond and engage with them in the discussion. Often the user's opinion is the best feedback in which direction you need to develop your business and your communication. In the end, you are here for the users, so allow them to comment on your posts and share their views, but reply to these comments regularly and encourage the discussion.

# 6 Bad Links and Blame Information

When you think about it a little, your task on social networks is to attract new customers to become your customers. This mainly means that you will encourage potential clients by linking and various other actions to come to your site or some sales page - to become your customers. If the links in your posts are wrong or incorrect - all the effort you make is useless. So if you want new customers, before publishing content, be sure to check the correctness of the links and whether the landing page is the place where your potential customers will become your customers.

# 7 Wrong time to publish

Although it may not seem important to you, the time it takes to publish on social networks can often be of great importance. Detailed information has been made about user activity times and today we can easily find information when the network is suitable for publication. If we post a post online at an ideal time, it will reach a large number of users and there will be a greater chance that our customers become our customers. Look out for the time when you are posting content because it can be extremely important for the success of a specific post.

# 8 Absence of additional promotion

We mentioned in the introductory part of the article that advertising on social networks is still not expensive. Nevertheless, there are few people who decide to pay 5 or more dollars in order to further promote the published content. Sometimes this investment in additional promotion is a key factor in obtaining customers. In addition to reaching more users, the end users will notice that you are a 'brand' trying to invest money in promoting their services - which is certainly a good reference for cooperation.

Want to find out how to bring more visitors to your website? How to increase the number of visits thanks to Facebook? What is the secret of success on Facebook in 2019 and how to use it to raise the quality of your online business?

Just a few years ago, Facebook's many webmasters were one of the major sources of visitors to the web site. Thanks to cleverly chosen tactics and very interesting Facebook postings, many users have experienced the 'golden age' of their digital business. But when Facebook changed the rules and reduced the natural reach of disclosure - everything went wrong.

At present, Facebook's reach is only a few percent of the total number of people accompanying you. Many experts around the world are trying to get it over because they want to have Facebook again as one of the main sources of visits on their websites. But is such a scenario possible and what is it necessary to do?

Although every tactic and advice depends heavily on the Facebook algorithm, we will now give you a few ideas to follow if you want a better Facebook page - that will make visits to your website or blog. Tips have come about on the basis of analysis and reflection of various world marketing experts, so it's worth considering:

Optimize your Facebook page to bring a visit to your web

Facebook has drastically changed the design of the Facebook page in recent years, but this does not necessarily have to be bad for you. Namely, these modern sites now have the ability to set up various call-to-action sections, or buttons - which you can use for your benefit. If you want to increase the number of visitors coming to your website via Facebook, you will need to optimize your Facebook page. Specifically, this means that you have to place as many links to your website as possible on a Facebook page to increase the chances of a user clicking on one of the links. Try out the different places where you'll find links and eventually find the optimal solution.

Publish new content regularly

Nearly all successful people in the world will tell you how the secret of success lies in the effort and regularity. That same regularity is extremely appreciated by Facebook itself which rewards users who regularly publish new content on Facebook sites. But, as Facebook is likely to partially increase the natural reach for regularity, the fact is that even you and your users (escorts) will notice more if you publish content more often. Interestingly, some experts still prefer multiple daily announcements, which is the pace you will be difficult to follow. If you lack the inspiration, then at least try to post something on your Facebook page several times a week to get the best from both Facebook and your followers.

Find the perfect publication format

The fact is that users react differently to different types of revelation, which can sometimes make you cheerful or disappointed. Specifically, some of the announcements surprise you with a tremendous amount of flattery, while others disappoint you with just a few clicks (though you expected a lot more). It's important to explore which type of posting is best suited to your companions, in order to 'foster' such disclosures in the future. Here you can use comprehensive Facebook statistics to show you which type of posting has the best reach and most flattery. Also, you can use some external tools to find out what content the users like to consume and what you should in future write or create visual content.

Encourage popularity by investing in advertising

This is some different time than before and it is quite certain that without investing in promotion, it is difficult to achieve good results on Facebook (but also on other platforms). If you want as many Facebook clicks as your site, you will need to prepare a specific budget to encourage popularity and reach reach. You can do this in many different ways because Facebook is fairly wide-handed when it comes to advertising. What matters is that you must precisely target a group of people you want to reach through a Facebook ad, because your results will be much better. Think about who your ideal client is and invest money in Facebook promotion.

Take advantage of the power of reviews

Digital business today needs to be taken much more seriously than a few years ago because today a large number of classic businesses are turning to digital platforms. Considering the numerous competition, you have to point out something in the mass. A great opportunity for this is the user reviews that you can leave on Facebook. Positive reviews will show how to trust a certain group of people, which will have a positive impact on increasing the number of new customers. So, constantly ask your customers and customers to leave reviews on your work so that you can easily reach new customers or customers.

Those who spend a lot of time in digital business or managing web projects are aware that generally only a few posts bring the bulk of traffic. So, we want to say that some posts stand out in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčothers and those posts are in charge of attracting a large portion of traffic. As Facebook offers you the highlight of your preferred posts, take advantage of this feature and put those posts that are best quoted among users in the forefront. This should encourage users to click on the Facebook post and go to your website.

Share imperfect photos and video materials

No, it's not the goal to create poor quality materials and then publish it on Facebook, but it's the idea to share with your followers things that show that you are not perfect either. So, share photos and video materials that show what is happening 'behind the scenes', that is, when you are not in a position to pose. This will show your companions that you are not perfect and that you are wrong, so that they will be easier to identify with you. This should make you acquire the commitment of the users, which will bring you more clicks on your website.


Although the natural reach of Facebook has slowed down lately, this platform is still a valuable investment of time and money, as it can bring quality results to website owners. The tips listed above should help you find the 'gold formula' on the basis of which you will get great results, that is, by which you will increase the number of clicks on your website. We wish you a lot of luck in the growth of digital business!

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