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When trying to advertise on the internet you will be constantly bombarded with all kinds of marketing tools, programs, or sites trying to encourage you to say their service is the easiest way to get your website exposed. But in order for you to decide which one is best for your business, you will have to try to make it, try a mistake, and possibly spend a ton of money on web promotion. But there is a cheap and easy way to try web marketing without buying web traffic; Join a traffic exchange.

Manual browsing may seem tedious and time consuming, but no one has said that free traffic is just traffic. So, remember that surfing only gives users a few seconds (ten to thirty seconds depending on the traffic exchange) to build your webpage, so make the most of it. Traffic exchange websites are great for branding and establishing a website's name and / or reputation and help you increase traffic to your own affiliate program or webpage. . It's also the right way to build buzz and get the word out before launching a new website, product, referral program, or online business.

Design a captivating and compelling homepage (capture page) to rotate and promote on the free traffic exchange. Again; Be inventive and create a compelling starter webpage with an option form that prompts the user to subscribe for a free giveaway or additional information. regarding the merchandise or affiliate program advertised. This will help you build a list of subscribers to keep following your prospects. The page should be short and compact, and your visitors shouldn't need to scroll to fully read the content of the page. Additionally, the start webpage should load quickly. Save the start page to your host or server. If you don't have a host or server, you can host your homepage in a free web hosting site. Just search Google for "free server" and you will realize various options. Even you will be able to host your home page at a free web host; You should better look for a cheap hosting plan. You can find hosting plans starting at $ 5 per month, but your webpage won't have all of the ads included in free hosting. Save the home page URL in an accessible location for use in any traffic exchanges you join.

Search for “traffic exchange” on Google and select the TOPs in your search. Remember that in order for a page to be on the first 2 to three search web pages, it must move a huge amount of traffic and members. The traffic exchanges with additional traffic and users will greatly benefit your website or referral program. You will notice several choices to join and the best part is that many are free. You will also make two choices of traffic exchange surf; Manual traffic exchange (manual navigation) and automatic traffic exchange (automatic navigation). The term; Automatic traffic exchange is self-explanatory. It is therefore automatic, the member is not obliged to click or in many cases even not to see your pages in any case, in order to make credits.

Sign up as a free user and be sure to test if there is a validation code emailed to your email in order to validate it and activate your membership. You will also receive membership bonuses, with free credits that you will use to advertise and rotate your web pages. It is essential that you simply save your member and password information so that you can remember them.

Navigate to your member's page and read any updates, rules or information. Only after you've gotten away from all the details of the program, can you submit your start page (or web page) and award credits.

Many traffic exchanges jointly offer you different advertising choices as well as; banners and text ads. Use any additional advertising opportunity and upload your banners and / or publish your text ads. However, only use these choices to complete your web page rotations on the browse page. Remember that your main idea when joining the traffic exchange was to promote a full view of your web page.

Go to the browse page and surf other users' advertisements or web pages. Be consistent and set a schedule for surfing each week and racking up more credits which you then use to pivot and market your own site.

Allocate new credits to your site to keep it rotating and displayed to other Internet users (users). Invest and distribute your credits consciously or according to your marketing needs or your urgency. You can even buy credits if you need more spins or don't have enough spare time to surf. The better half is not only that the traffic exchanges are free, but in most cases the credits are very inexpensive.
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