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What you choose to wear in bed is a personal matter. You could be perfectly happy in a matching striped pajama set, while someone else could choose to sleep in a pretty nightgown (or absolutely nothing!). But do you know how today's sleepwear was able to return to its current state? The history of pajamas is more surprising than you might think! Where the word comes from: The word “pajamas” comes from the Indian word “piejamah”, which described loose pants tied at the waist. The comfortable pants were admired by British settlers as the perfect thing to wear during the afternoon nap, and it didn't take long for the outfit to be considered perfect for all the time spent sleeping. When the colonialists returned to Britain, the trend spread. Pajamas aren't just for sleeping: in the early 1900s, a fashion designer named Paul Poiret created silk pajamas to wear in public during the day and in the evening. And today, in some Asian countries, people still like to wear full pajamas in public. In Japan, this trend goes even further. Some people go out into something called Kigurumi, which are pajamas made to look like giant stuffed animal costumes. Pajamas with feet are not always for children: they actually started as something designed for adults. The first versions were made when people started sewing socks on the bottom of their pajama pants. It was not just to keep their feet warm; it was to keep insects like termites from nibbling on their toes. Nightcaps were in fashion: nightcaps (clothing, not alcoholic beverages) could come to mind mainly during the holidays (as they appear in A Christmas Carol and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas), but they were popular throughout the 19th century. The goal is pretty obvious: keep someone's head warm during the winter while they are sleeping. But the design has reflected. The pointed cap is long enough to wrap around your neck like a scarf, but not so long that it could suffocate you in the middle of the night. Who needs pajamas? Although stores sell tons of pajamas these days, sleeping in your birthday suit is still popular. For example, in the UK, 47% of men sleep in absolutely nothing (while only 17% of British women undress at night). Americans, on the other hand, are slightly more conservative. In the United States, about 31% of men sleep naked and 14% of women naked.